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Acne; Addiction; Allergies; Alzheimer's; Angina; Anxiety; Arthritis; AsthmaCataract; Chronic fatigue Syndrome; Constipation; Crohn's Disease; Dandruff; Depression; Dermatitis; DiabetesFlu & Cold; GERD; Glaucoma; Gout; Hay fever; Headache; Heartburn; HaemorrhoidsLung cancer; Male infertility; memory loss; Meniere's disease; menopause; menstrual cramps; migraine; multiple sclerosisPsoriasis; Rheumatoid arthritis; Shingles; Sinusitis; Skin diseases; Stress; Stroke; Tinnitis
Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris.
Shepherds Purse. (Cruciferae)

Profuse passive haemorrhage from every outlet of the body; blood dark and clotted. Metrorrhagia: with violent cramps and uterine colic; in chlorosis; after abortion, labor, miscarriage; at climacteric; with cancer uteri (Phos., Ust.). Menses: too early; too profuse; protracted (eight, ten, even fifteen days); tardy in starting, first day merely a show; second day colic, vomiting, a haemorrhage with large clots; each alternate period more profuse. Haemorrhage or delaying menses from uterine inertia; exhausting, scarcely recovers from one period before another begins. Leucorrhoea: bloody, dark, offensive; some days before and after menses.

Relations: - Comare: Sinapsis, Tillium, Viburnum, Ustilago.


Thuja Occidentalis.
Tree of Life; White Cedar. (Coniferae)

Adapted to hydrogenoid constitution of Granvogl, which is related to sycosis as effect is to cause. Thuja bears the same relation to the sycosis of Hahnemann - fig warts, condylomata and wart-like excrescences upon mucous and cutaneous surfaces - that Sulphur does to psora or Mercury to syphilis. Acts well in lymphatic temperament, in very fleshy persons, dark complexion, black hair, unhealthy skin. Ailments from bad effects of vaccination (Ant. t., Sil.); from suppressed or maltreated gonorrhoea (Med.). Fixed ideas: as if a strange person were at his side; as if soul and body were separated; as if a living animal were in abdomen; of being under the influence of a superior power. Insane women will not be touched or approached. Vertigo, when closing the eyes (Lach., Ther.). Headache: as if a nail had been driven into parietal bone (Coff., Ign.); or as if a convex button were pressed on the part; < from sexual excesses; overheating from tea (Sel.); chronic, or sycotic or syphilitic origin. White scaly dandruff; hair dry and falling out. Eyes: ophthalmia neonatorum, sycotic or syphilitic; large granulations, like warts or blisters; > by warmth and covering; in uncovered, feels as if a cold stream of air were blowing out through them. Eyelids: agglutinated at night; dry, scaly on edges; styes and tarsal tumors; chalazae, thick, hard knots, like small condylomata; after Stapisagria partially > but does not cure. Ears: chronic otitis; discharge purulent, like putrid meat; granulations, condylomata; polypi, pale red, cellular, bleeding easily. Chronic catarrh: after exanthemata; thick, green mucus, blood and pus (Puls.). Teeth decay at the roots, crowns remain sound (Mez. - on edges, Staph.); crumble, turn yellow (Syph.). Ranula: bluish, or varicose veins on tongue or in mouth (Amb.). Toothache from tea drinking. "On blowing the nose a pressing pain in the hollow tooth or at the side of it (Culex)." - Boenninghausen. Abdomen: as if an animal were crying; motion as if something alive; protrudes here and there like the arm of a foetus (Croc., Nux m., Sulph.). Distressing, burning pain in left ovarian region when walking or riding, must sit or lie down (Croc., Ust.); worse at each menstrual nisus. Constipation: violent pains in rectum compel cessation of effort; stool recedes, after being partly expelled (Sanic., Sil.). Piles swollen, pain most severe when sitting. Diarrhoea: early morning; expelled forcibly with much flatus (Aloe); gurgling, as water from a bunghole; < after breakfast, coffee, fat food, vaccinations. Anus fissured, painful to touch surrounded with flat warts, or moist mucous condylomata. Coition prevented by extreme sensitiveness of the vagina (Plat. - by dryness, Lyc., Lys., Natr.). Skin: looks dirty; brown or brownish-white spots here and there; warts, large, seedy, pedunculated (Staph.); eruptions only on covered parts, burn after scratching. Flesh feels as if beaten, from the bones (Phyt. - as if scraped, Rhus). Sensation after urinating, as of urine trickling in urethra; severe cutting at close of urination (Sars.). Chill, beginning in the thighs. Sweat: only on uncovered parts; or all over except the head (rev. of Sil.); when he sleeps, stops when he wakes (rev. of Samb.); profuse, sour smelling, fetid at night. Persipration, smelling like honey, on the genitals. When walking the limbs feel as if made of wood. Sensation as if body, especially the limbs, were made of glass and would break easily. Suppressed gonorrhoea: causing articular rheumatism; prostatitis; sycosis; impotence; condylomata and many constitutional troubles. Nails: deformed, brittle (Ant. c.).

Relations: - Complementary: Med., Sab., Sil. Compare: Cann. s., Canth., Cop., Staph. Cinnab. is preferable for warts on the prepuce. Follows well: after, Med., Mer., Nit. ac.

Aggravation. - At night; from heat of bed; at 3 a. m. and 3 p. m.; from cold damp air; narcotics.


Trillium Pendulum.
Wake Robin (Smilaceae)

Haemorrhage: copious, both active and passive, usually bright red; from nose, lungs, kidneys and uterus (Ipec., Mill.). Tendency to puterescence of fluids. Epistaxis; profuse, passive, bright red. Bleeding from cavity after extraction of a tooth (Ham., Kreos.). Menses: profuse, every two weeks, lasting a week or longer (Calc. p.); after over-exertion or too long a ride. Flooding, with fainting. Menorrhagia: flow, profuse, gushing, bright red; at least movement (Sab.); from displaced uterus; at the climacteric; every two weeks, dark, clotted (Thlas., Ust.). Haemoptysis: incipient phthisis, with bloody sputa; in advanced stages with copious, purulent expectoration and troublesome cough. Sensation as if hips and small of back were falling to pieces; as if sacro-iliac synhrondroses were falling apart, wants to be bound tightly; as if bones of pelvis were broken (Aesc.); with haemorrhage. Profuse uterine haemorrhage t climacteric; flow every two weeks; pale, faint, dim sight, palpitation, obstruction and noises in ears (Fer.); painful sinking at pit of stomach.

Relations: - Complementary: to Cal. p., in menstrual and haemorrhagic affections. Compare: Cinch., Bell., Kali c., Mill., Lach., Sep., Sulph., Thlas., Ust.


Pus (with bacilli) from tubercular abscess (A Nosode.)

Note: *The potencies of Fincke and Swan were prepared from a drop of pus obtained from a pulmonary tubercular abscess or sputa. Those of Heath from a tuberculous lung in which the bacillus tuberculosis had been found microscopically; hence the former was called Tuberculinum and the latter Bacillinum. Both preparations are reliable and effective.

Adapted to persons of light complexion; blue eyes, blonde in preference to brunette; tall slim, flat, narrow chest; active and precocious mentally, weak physically; the tubercular diathesis. When the family history of tubercular affections the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve, without reference to name of disease. Symptoms ever changing; ailments affecting one organ, then another - the lungs, brain, kidneys, liver, stomach, nervous system - beginning suddenly, ceasing suddenly. Takes cold easily without knowing how or where; seems to take cold "every time he takes a breath of fresh air" (Hep.). Emaciation rapid and pronounced; losing flesh while eating well (Abrot., Calc., Con., Iod., Nat.). Melancholy, despondent; morose, irritable, fretful, peevish; taciturn, sulky; naturally of a sweet disposition, now on the borderland of insanity. Everything in the room seemed strange, as though in a strange place. Headache: chronic, tubercular; pain intense, sharp, cutting, from above right eye to occiput; as of an iron hoop round the head (Anac., Sulph.); when the best selected remedy only palliates. School-girl's headache: < by study or even slight mental exertion; when using eyes in close work and glasses fail to >; with a tubercular history. Acute cerebral or basilar meningitis, with threatened effusion; nocturnal hallucinations; wakes from sleep frightened, screaming; when Apis, Hell., or Sulph., though well selected, fail to improve. Crops of small boils, intensely painful, successively appear in the nose; green, fetid pus (Sec.). Plica polonica; several bad cases permanently cured after Bor. and Psor. failed. Diarrhoea: early morning, sudden, imperative (Sulph.); emaciating though eating well (Iod., Nat.); stool dark, brown, watery, offensive; discharged with great force; great weakness and profuse night sweats. Menses: too early; too profuse; too long-lasting; tardy in starting; with frightful dysmenorrhoea; in patients with a tubercular history. Tubercular deposit begins in apex of lungs, usually the left (Phos., Sulph., Ther.). Eczema: tubercular over entire body; itching intense, < at night when undressing, from bathing; immense quantities of white bran-like scales; oozing behind the ears, in the hair, in folds of skin with rawness and soreness; fiery red skin. Ringworm.

Relations: - Complementary: Psor., Sulph. When Psor., Sulph., or the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve; follows Psor. as a constitutional remedy in hay fever, asthma. Belladonna, for acute attacks, congestive or inflammatory, occurring in tubercular diseases. Hydrastis to fatten patients cured with Tuber.


Valerian. (Valerianaceae.)

Excessive nervous excitability; hysterical nervous temperament (Ign., Puls.); persons in whom the intellectual faculties predominate; changeable disposition. Red parts become white (Fer.). Feels light as if floating in the air (Asar., Lac c., - as if legs were floating Sticta). Oversensitiveness of all the senses (Cham., Nux). Sensation of great coldness in head (on vertex, Sep., Ver.). Sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat (on tongue, Nat. Sil.). Child vomits: curdled milk, in large lumps; same in stools (Aeth.); as soon as it has nursed, after mother has been angry. Sciatica: pain < when standing and letting foot rest on floor (Bell.); when straightening out limb, during rest from previous exertion; > when walking.

Relations: - Compare: Asaf., Asar., Croc., Ign., Lac c., Spig., Sulph. For the abuse of Chamomile tea. For pains in heels: Agar., Caust., Cyc., Led., Mang., Phyt.

Back pain; Breast cancer; Breast lump; Calculus; Cancer; Candidiasis; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cholestrol HighDiarrhoea; Ear infection; Eczemz; Endometriosis; Eye Diseases; Female sexual dysfunction; Fibroid; FibromyalgiaHypertension; Impotence; indigestion; infertility; irritable bowel syndrome; insomnia; kidney stone; kidney failureSprains and strains; osteoporosis; otorrhoea; pancreatitis; prostate hypertrophy; parkison's disease; peptic ulcer; premenstrual syndromeTonsillitis; Trigeminal neuralgia; Ulcerative collitis; urinary incontinence; UTI; vitiligo; Warts; Whitlow
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