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Acne; Addiction; Allergies; Alzheimer's; Angina; Anxiety; Arthritis; AsthmaCataract; Chronic fatigue Syndrome; Constipation; Crohn's Disease; Dandruff; Depression; Dermatitis; DiabetesFlu & Cold; GERD; Glaucoma; Gout; Hay fever; Headache; Heartburn; HaemorrhoidsLung cancer; Male infertility; memory loss; Meniere's disease; menopause; menstrual cramps; migraine; multiple sclerosisPsoriasis; Rheumatoid arthritis; Shingles; Sinusitis; Skin diseases; Stress; Stroke; Tinnitis
Pure Silica. (Silicic Oxide)

Adapted to the nervous, irritable, sanguine temperament; persons of a psoric diathesis. Persons of light complexion; find, dry, skin; pale face; weakly, with lax muscles. Constitutions which suffer from deficient nutrition, not because food is lacking in quality or in quantity, but from imperfect assimilation (Bar. c., Calc.); oversensitive, physically and mentally. Scrofulous, rachitic children with large heads; open fontanelles and sutures; much sweating about the head (lower than Cal.) which must be kept warm by external covering (Sanic.); distended abdomen; weak ankles; slow in learning to walk. Great weariness and debility; wants to lie down. Nervous debility; exhaustion with erythism; from hard work and close confinement; may be overcome by force of will. Restless, fidgety, starts at least noise. Anxious, yielding, fainthearted. Mental labor very difficult; reading and writing fatigue, cannot bear to think. Ailments: caused by suppressed foot-sweat (Cup., Graph., Psor.); exposing the head or back to any slight draught of air; bad effects of vaccination, especially abscesses and convulsions (Thuja); chest complaints of stonecutters with total loss of strength. Want of vital heat, always chilly, even when taking active exercise (Led., Sep.). Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of glands, cervical, axillary, parotid, mammary, inguinal, sebaceous; malignant, gangrenous. Has a wonderful control over the suppurative process - soft tissue, periosteum or bone - maturing abscesses when desired or reducing excessive suppuration (affecting chiefly the soft tissues, Calend., Hep.). Children are obstinate, headstrong, cry when spoken kindly to (Iod.). Vertigo: spinal, ascending form back of neck to head; as if one would fall forward, from looking up (Puls., - looking down, Kal., Spig.). Chronic sick headaches, since some severe disease of youth (Psor.); ascending from nape of neck to the vertex, as if coming from the spine and locating in one eye, especially the right (left, Spig.); < draught of air or uncovering the head; > pressure and wrapping up warmly (Mag. m., Stron.); > profuse urination. Constipation: always before and during menses (diarrhoea before and during menses, Am. c., Bov.); difficult, as from inactivity of rectum; with great straining, as if rectum was paralyzed; when partly expelled, recedes again (Thuja). Faeces in ano alternates with chest symptoms (Berb., Cal. p.). Discharge of blood from vagina every time the child takes the breast (compare Crot. t.). Nipple is drawn in like a funnel (Sars.). Night walking; gets up while asleep, walks about and lies down again (Kali br.). Unhealthy skin; every little injury suppurates (Graph., Hep., Merc., Petr.). Crippled nails on fingers and toes (Ant. c.). Takes cold from exposure of feet (Con., Cup.). Sweat of hands, toes, feet and axillae; offensive. Intolerable, sour, carrion-like odor of the feet, without perspiration, every evening. Fistula lachymalis; ingrowing toe-nails (Mag. p. a., Mar. v.); panaritium; blood boils; carbuncles; ulcers of all kinds; fistulae, painful, offensive, high spongy edges, proud flesh in them; fissura ani; great pain after stool. Desire to be magnetized, which > (Phos.). Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies from the tissues; fish bones, needles, bone splinters.

Relations: - Complementary: Thuja, Sanicula. Compare: Hep., Pic. ac., Kali p., Hyper., Ruta., Sanic., Gettysburg. Follows well: after, Calc., Graph., Hep., Nit ac., Phos. Is followed well: by, Hep., Fluor. ac., Lyc., Sep.

Aggravation. - Cold; during menses; during new moon; uncovering, especially the head; lying down.

Amelioration. - Warmth, especially from wrapping up the head; all the symptoms except gastric, which are > by cold food (Lyc.). Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla.


Pinkroot. (Loganiaceae.)

Adapted to anaemic debilitated subjects of rheumatic diathesis; to scrofulous children afflicted with ascarides and lumbrici (Cina, Stan.). Persons with light hair; pale, thin, bloated, weak; wrinkled, yellow, earthy skin. Body painfully sensitive to touch; part touched feels chilly; touch sends shudder through the whole frame (Kali c.). Afraid of sharp, pointed things, pins, needles, etc. Rheumatic affections of heart (Kali, Led., Naja); systolic blowing at apex. Aneurism. Nervous headache; periodical, beginning in morning at base of brain, spreading over the head and locating in eye, orbit and temple of left side (right side, Sang., Sil.); pain, pulsating, violent, throbbing. Headache; at sunrise, at its height at noon, declines till sunset. (Nat. m., Tab.). Intolerable, pressive pain in eyeballs; could not turn the eyes without turning the whole body; worse, especially on making a false step. Sensation: as if eyes were too large for the orbits (Act., Com.); sensitve to touch; as if a band around head (Cac., Carb. ac., Sulph.). Copious offensive mucus from posterior nares, drops into throat, causing choking at night (Hydr.). Sharp, stabbing, sticking pains through eyeballs back into the head; from cold, damp, rainy weather. Prosopalgia: periodical, left-sided, orbit, eyes, malar bone, teeth; from morning until sunset; pain tearing, burning, cheek dark red; during cold, rainy weather; from tea. Toothache from tobacco smoking; > only on lying down and while eating (Plan.); worse from cold air and water; returns from thinking about it. Scirrhus of sigmoid or rectum, atrocious unbearable pain (Alumen). Dyspnoea: must lie on right side ro with head high (Cac., Spong.); pains in chest are stitching, needle-like. Chest affections with stitching pains synchronous with pulse, < from motion, < cold, wet weather. Palpitation: violent, visible and audible; from least motion; when bending forward; systolic blowing at apex. Stammering, repeats first syllable three or four times; with abdominal ailments; with helminthiasis.

Relations: - Compare: Acon., Ars., Cact., Dig. Kali c., Naja, Kal., Spong. in heart affections.

Aggravation. - From motion, noise, touch, turning the eyes; from every shaking, commotion, or concussion.

Amelioration. - Lying on right side with the head high (Ars., Cac., Spong.).


Spongia Tosta.
Roasted Sponge. (Spongia.)

For the tubercular diathesis. Especially adapted to diseases of children and women; light hair, lax fibre, fair complexion (Brom.). Swelling and induration of glands; goitre (Brom.). Awakens in fright and feels as if suffocating; as if head to breathe thru a sponge. Every mental excitement < or increases the cough. Worse after sleep or sleeps into < (Lach.). Sore throat, < after eating sweet things. Thyroid gland swollen even with chin: with suffocative paroxysyms at night. Goitre. Great dryness of mucous membranes of air passages - throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi - "dry as a horn.". Cough: dry, barking, croupy; rasping, ringing, wheezing, whistling; everything is perfectly dry, no mucous rale. Cough: dry, sibilant, like a saw driven through a pine board; < sweets, cold drinks, smoking, lying with head low, dry cold winds; < reading, singing, talking, swallowing; > eating or drinking warm things. Croup: anxious, wheezing, < during inspiration (< during expiration, Acon.); < before midnight (< before morning, Hep.). Palpitation: violent with pain and gasping respiration; awakened suddenly after midnight with suffocation and great anxiety; valvular insufficiency; before and during menses. Angina pectoris; contracting pain, heat, faintness, suffocation, anxiety and sweat; < after midnight. Spermatic cord swollen, painful; testicles swollen, bruised, squeezed; after suppressed gonorrhoea or maltreated orchitis.

Relations: - Spongia follows well: after, Acon., Hep., in cough and croup when dryness prevails; after Spong., Hep., when mucus commences to rattle. Compare: Arn., Caust., Iod., Lach., Nux m., sputa loosened but must be swallowed again.


Stannum. (Tin)
Tin. (The Element.)

Extreme exhaustion of mind and body. Sinking, empty, all-gone sensation in stomach (Chel., Phos., Sep.). Sad, despondent, feels like crying all the time, but crying makes her worse (Nat. m., Puls., Sep.); faint and weak, especially when going down stairs; can go up well enough (Bor., - rev. of Calc.). Headache or neuralgia; pains begin lightly and increase gradually to the highest point and then gradually decline (Plat.). Colic: > by hard pressure, or by laying abdomen across knee or on shoulder (Col.); lumbrici; passes worms. Menses; too early, too profuse; sadness before; pain in malar bones, during. Leucorrhoea; great debility; weakness seems to proceed from chest (from abdomen, pelvis, Phos., Sep.). Prolapsus, worse during stool (with diarrhoea, Pod.); so weak she drops into a chair instead of sitting down. While dressing in the morning has to sit down several times to rest. Nausea and vomiting; in the morning; from the odor of cooking food (Ars., Colch.). When singing or using the voice, aching and weakness in deltoid and arms. Great weakness in chest; < from talking, laughing, reading aloud, singing; so weak, unable to talk. Cough: deep, hollow, shattering, strangling; concussive, in paroxysms of three coughs (of two, Merc.); dry, while in bed, in evening; empty sensation in chest. Expectoration: profuse like the white of an egg; sweetish, salty (Kali i., sep.); sour, putrid, musty; yellow, green pus (heavy, green, salty, Kali i.); during the day. Hoarseness; deep, husky hollow voice; relieved for the time by coughing or expectorating mucus. Sweat: mouldy, musty odor; after 4 a. m. every morning; on neck and forehead; very debilitating.

Relations: - Complementary: Pulsatilla. Stannum follows well; after, Caust., and is followed by Cal., Phos., Sil., Sulph., Tub.

Aggravation. - Laughing and singing, talking, using the voice; lying on right side; drinking anything warm (from cold drinks, Spong.).

Amelioration. - Coughing or expectorating relieves hoarseness; hard pressure (Col.).


Stavesacre. (Ranunculaceae.)

For the mental effects of onanism and sexual excesses. Very sensitive to slight mental impressions; least action or harmless words offend (Ign.). Great indignation about things done by others or by himself; grieves about consequences. Apathetic, indifferent, low-spirited, weak memory from sexual abuses (Anac., Aur., Nat., Phos. ac.). Ailments from pride, envy or chagrin. Ill-humored children cry for things which, after receiving, they petulantly push or throw away (Kreos.) [Cina, Bry.]. Was insulted; being too dignified to fight, subdued his wrath and went home sick, trembling and exhausted (the rev. of Nux). Sensation of a round ball in forehead sitting firmly there even when shaking the head. Mechanical injuries from sharp-cutting instruments; post-surgical operations; stinging, smarting, pains, like the cutting of a knife. For the bad effects of: onanism, sexual excesses, loss of vital fluids; chagrin, mortification, unmerited insults; indignation, with vexation or reserved displeasure (Aur.). Nervous weakness; as if one up after much hard work. Styes, chalazae on eyelids or upper lids, one after another, leaving hard nodosities in their wake (Con., Thuja). Toothache: during menses; sound as well as decayed teeth; painful to touch of food or drink; but not from biting or chewing; < drawing cold air into mouth; < from cold drinks and after eating. Teeth turn black, show dark streaks through them; cannot be kept clean; crumble; decay on edges (at the roots, Mez., Thuja); scorbutic cachexia. Craving for tobacco. Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food. Sensation as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down relaxed (Agar., Ipec., Tab.). Colic: after lithotomy or ovariotomy; attending abdominal section (Bis., Hep.). Urging to urinate, has to sit at urinal for hours; in young married women; after coition; after difficult labor (Op.); burning in urethra when not urinating; urging and pain after urinating in prostatic troubles of old men; prolapse of bladder. Painful sensitiveness of sexual organs, vulva so sensitive can scarcely wear a napkin (Plat.). Onanism; persistently dwelling on sexual subjects; constantly thinking of sexual pleasures. Spermatorrhoea: with sunken features; guilty, abashed look; emission followed by headache, weakness; prostration and relaxation or atrophy of sexual organs. Cough: only in the daytime, or only after dinner, worse after eating meat; after vexation or indignation; excited by cleaning the teeth. Croupy cough in winter alternating with sciatica in summer; cough excited by tobacco smoke (Spong.). Backache, < at night in bed, and in the morning before rising. Arthritic nodosities of joints, especially of the fingers (Caul., Colch., Lyc.); inflammation of phalages with sweating and suppuration. Sleepy all day, awake all night; body aches all over. In fever; ravenous hunger for days before attack. Eczema: yellow, acrid moisture oozes from under crusts; now vesicles form from contact with exudation; by scratching one place itching ceases, but appears in another. Fig-warts: dry, pediculated, cauliflower-like; after abuse of mercury (Nit. ac., Sab., Thuja).

Relations: - Compare: Caust., Col., Ign., Lyc., Puls., Col. and Staph. act well after each other; Caust., Col., Staph., follow well in order names.

Aggravation. - Mental affections; from anger, indignation, grief, mortification; loss of fluids; tobacco; onanism; sexual excesses; from the least touch on affected parts. Inimical: Ran. bulb., either before or after.

Back pain; Breast cancer; Breast lump; Calculus; Cancer; Candidiasis; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cholestrol HighDiarrhoea; Ear infection; Eczemz; Endometriosis; Eye Diseases; Female sexual dysfunction; Fibroid; FibromyalgiaHypertension; Impotence; indigestion; infertility; irritable bowel syndrome; insomnia; kidney stone; kidney failureSprains and strains; osteoporosis; otorrhoea; pancreatitis; prostate hypertrophy; parkison's disease; peptic ulcer; premenstrual syndromeTonsillitis; Trigeminal neuralgia; Ulcerative collitis; urinary incontinence; UTI; vitiligo; Warts; Whitlow
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