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Acne; Addiction; Allergies; Alzheimer's; Angina; Anxiety; Arthritis; AsthmaCataract; Chronic fatigue Syndrome; Constipation; Crohn's Disease; Dandruff; Depression; Dermatitis; DiabetesFlu & Cold; GERD; Glaucoma; Gout; Hay fever; Headache; Heartburn; HaemorrhoidsLung cancer; Male infertility; memory loss; Meniere's disease; menopause; menstrual cramps; migraine; multiple sclerosisPsoriasis; Rheumatoid arthritis; Shingles; Sinusitis; Skin diseases; Stress; Stroke; Tinnitis
Coal or Rock Oil. (Anthracite)

Adapted to persons with light hair and skin; irritable, quarrelsome disposition (Nux); easily offended at trifles (Ign., Med.); vexed at everything. Ailments: from riding in a carriage, railroad car, or in a ship (Coc., Sanic.). Ailments which are worse before and during a thunderstorm (Nat. c., Phos., Psor.). Symptoms appear and disappear rapidly (Bell., Mag. p. - reverse of Plat., Stan.). During sleep or delirium: imagines that one leg is double; that another person lies alongside of him in same bed; that there are two babies in the bed (Val.). Vertigo on rising (Bry.); in occiput; as if intoxicated; like seasickness (Coc.). Headache: in occiput, which is as heavy as lead; pressing, pulsating pain; as if everything in the head were alive; numb, bruised, as if made of wood. Gastralgia: of pregnancy; with pressing, drawing pains; whenever stomach is empty; relieved by constant eating (Anac., Chel., Sep.). Diarrhoea: yellow, watery, gushing; after cabbage, sour krout; during pregnancy, stormy weather; always in the daytime. Painful sensitiveness of skin of whole body; all clothing is painful; slight injury suppurates (Hep.). Skin of hands rough, cracked, tips of fingers rough, cracked, fissured, every winter; tenderness of the feet, which are bathed in foul-smelling sweat (Graph., Sanic., Sil.). Herpes: of genital organs extending to perineum and thighs; itching, redness; skin cracked, rough, bleeding; dry or moist. Heat and burning of soles of feet and palms of hands (Sang., Sulph.). Sweat and moisture of external genitals, both sexes. Painful, itching chilblains and chapped hands < in cold weather; decubitus. Sensation of coldness about the heart (Carbo an., Kali m., Nat. m.).

Relations: - One of our best antidotes for lead poisoning. The skin symptoms are worse in winter, better in summer (Alum.); if suppressed, causes diarrhoea.

Aggravation. - Carriage riding (Coc., Sanic.); during a thunderstorm; in winter (Alum.).


Parsley. (Umbelliferae.)

Intermittent fever: complicating traumatic or chronic urethritis or stricture; with abdominal affections and perverted or defective assimilation. Thirsty and hungry, yet as soon as they begin to eat or drink they loose all desire (rev. of, Cal.). Sudden urging to urinate (Canth.). Child suddenly seized with desire to urinate; if cannot be gratified at once, jumps up and down with pain. Burning, tingling from perineum throughout whole urethra. Frequent voluptuous tickling in fossa navicularis. Gonorrhoea: sudden irresistible desire to urinate; intense biting, itching, deep in urethra, must rub it with some rough article in urethra for >; pain at root of penis or neck of bladder. Gleet.

Relations: - Compare: Can., Canth., Mer. in sudden urging to urinate.


Phosphoric Acid.
Glacial Phosphoric Acid. (HPO3.)

Best suited to persons of originally strong constitutions, who have become debilitated by loss of vital fluids, sexual excesses (Cinch.); violent acute diseases; chagrin, or a long succession of moral emotions, as grief, care, disappointed affection. Ailments: from care, chagrin, grief, sorrow, homesickness (Ign.); sleepy, disposed to weep; night-sweats towards morning. Pale sickly complexion, eyes sunken and surrounded by blue margins. Mild yielding disposition (Puls.). Is listless, apathetic; indifferent to the affairs of life; prostrated and stupefied with grief; to those things that used to be of most interest, especially if there be debility and emaciation. Delirium: muttering, unintelligible; lies in a stupor, or a stupid sleep, unconscious of all that is going on around him; when aroused is fully conscious, answers slowly and correctly and relapses into stupor. In children and young people who grow too rapidly (Cal., Cal. p.); pains in back and limbs as if beaten. Headache: crushing weight on vertex, from long lasting grief or exhausted nerves; in occiput and nape; usually from behind forward, < by least motion, noise, especially music, > lying (Bry., Gels., Sil.). Headache of school girls from eye-strain or overuse of eyes (Cal. p., Nat. m.); of students who are growing too fast. Patient trembles, legs weak, stumbles easily or makes missteps; weak and indifferent to the affairs of life. Interstitial inflammation of bones, scrofulous, sycotic, syphilitic, mercurial; periossteum inflamed, pains burning, tearing, as if scraped with a knife (Rhus); caries, rachitis, but not necrosis; growing pains. Boring, drawing, digging pains in nerves of extremities; neurosis is stump after amputations (Cepa.). Diarrhoea: painless; not debilitating; white or yellow; watery; from acids; involuntary, with the flatus (Aloe, Nat. m.); choleric, from fear. Urine: looks like milk mixed with jelly-like, bloody pieces; decomposes rapidly; profuse urination at night of clear, watery urine, which forms a white cloud at once (phosphates in excess, nerve waste). Onanism; when patient is greatly distressed by the culpability of the act (compare Dios., Staph.). Emissions: frequent, profuse, debilitating; after coitus; most desire, after; several in one night; abashed, sad, despair of cure (with irresistible tendency to masturbate, Ust.). Chest; weak from talking or coughing (Stan.); in phthisis; nervous from loss of vital fluids, too rapid growth, depressing mental emotions. Cerebral typhoid or typhus; complete apathy and stupor; takes no notice, "lies like a log," utterly regardless of surrounding; intestinal haemorrhage, blood dark.

Relations: - Compare: Phos., Puls., Pic. ac., Sil.; Mur. ac. in typhoid; Nit. sp. d. in apathetic stupor and delirium. Phos. ac. acts well before or after Cinch. in colliquative sweats, diarrhoea, debility; after Nux in fainting after a meal.

Aggravation. - From mental affections; loss of vital fluids, especially seminal; self abuse; sexual excesses; talking causes weakness in chest (Stan.).


Phosphorus. (The Element.)

Adapted to tall slender persons of sanguine temperament, fair skin, delicate eyelashes, find blond, or red hair, quick perceptions, and very sensitive nature. Young people, who grow too rapidly, are inclined to stoop (to walk stooped, Sulph.); who are chlorotic or anaemic; old people, with morning diarrhoea. Nervous, weak; desires to be magnetized (Sil.). Oversensitiveness of all the senses to external impressions, light, noise, odors, touch. Restless, fidgety; moves continually, cannot sit or stand still a moment (restless, fidgety feet, Zinc.). Burning: in spots along the spine; between the scapulae (as of a piece of ice, Lachn.); or intense heat running up the back; of palms of hands (Lach.); in chest and lungs; of every organ or tissue of the body (Ars., Sulph.); generally in diseases of nervous system. Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed profusely (Kreos., Lach.); from every mucous outlet. Great weakness and prostration; with nervous debility and trembling; of whole body; weakness and weariness from loss of vital fluids (Cinch., Phos. ac.). Pain: acute, especially in the chest, < from pressure, even slight, in intercostal spaces, and lying on left side; excited by slightest chill; open air intolerable. A Weak, empty, all-gone sensation in head, chest, stomach and entire abdomen. Apathetic; unwilling to talk; answers slowly; moves sluggishly (Phos. ac.). Weary of life, full of gloomy forebodings. Dandruff, falls out in clouds (Lyc.); hair falls out in bunches, baldness of single spots. Eyes: hollow, surrounded by blue rings; lids, puffy, swollen, oedematous (upper lids, Kali c.; lower, Apis). Longs for: cold food and drink; juicy, refreshing things; ice cream > gastric pains. As soon as water becomes warm in stomach it is thrown up. Regurgitation of ingesta in mouthfuls (Alum.). Nausea from placing hands in warm water; sneezing and coryza from putting hands in water (Lac d.). Constipation: faeces slender, long, dry, tough, and hard (Stap.); voided with great straining and difficulty (Caust.). Diarrhoea: as soon as anything enters the rectum; profuse, pouring away as from a hydrant; watery, with sago-like particles; sensation, as if the anus remained open (Apis), involuntary; during cholera time (which precedes cholera, Phos. ac.); morning, of old people. Haemorrhage: frequent and profuse, pouring out freely and then ceasing for a time; metrorrhagia, in cancer; haemoptysis, vicarious, from nose, stomach, anus, urethra, in amenorrhoea. Heaviness of chest, as if weight were lying on it. During pregnancy; unable to drink water; sight of it causes vomiting; must close her eyes while bathing (Lys.). Cannot talk, the larynx is so painful; is dry, raw, rough, sore. Cough: going from warm to cold air (rev. of Bry.); < from laughing, talking, reading, drinking, eating, lying on the left side (Dros., Stan.). Perspiration has the odor of sulphur. Necrosis of the (left) lower jaw.

Relations: - Complementary: Arsenic, with which itis isomorphic; Cepa, its vegetable analogue. Incompatible: with Causticum, must not be used before or after. Phos. removes the bad effects of Iodine and excessive use of table salt. Follows well: after, Calc. or Cinch. Hahnemann says: "Acts most beneficial when patient suffers form chronic loose stool or diarrhoea.".

Aggravation. - Evening, before midnight (Puls., Rhus); lying on left or painful side; during a thunderstorm; weather changes, either hot or cold. Cold air relieves the head and face symptoms but aggravates those of chest, throat and neck.

Amelioration. - In the dark; lying on right side; from being rubbed or mesmerized; from cold food, cold water, until it gets warm.


Calabar Bean. (Leguminosae)

Uncommon mental activity; cannot stop thinking. Vision dim; from blur or film; objects mixed. Pain after using eyes; floating black spots, flashes of light, twitching of lids and muscles of eyes (Agar.); mystagmus. Great prostration of muscular system; impaired locomotion (Gels.). Tremors or trembling of young persons from mental or physical disturbances. Idiopathic or traumatic tetanus; brought on or < by slightest breath of air from a person passing (Hyper., Lys., Nux, Strych.).

Relations: - Compare: Bell., Con., Cur., Gels., Hyper., Strych.

Back pain; Breast cancer; Breast lump; Calculus; Cancer; Candidiasis; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cholestrol HighDiarrhoea; Ear infection; Eczemz; Endometriosis; Eye Diseases; Female sexual dysfunction; Fibroid; FibromyalgiaHypertension; Impotence; indigestion; infertility; irritable bowel syndrome; insomnia; kidney stone; kidney failureSprains and strains; osteoporosis; otorrhoea; pancreatitis; prostate hypertrophy; parkison's disease; peptic ulcer; premenstrual syndromeTonsillitis; Trigeminal neuralgia; Ulcerative collitis; urinary incontinence; UTI; vitiligo; Warts; Whitlow
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