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Croton Tiglium.
Croton Oil Seeds. (Euphorbiaccae)

Affects mucous membrane of intestinal tract, producing transudations of watery portions of blood, a copious, watery diarrhoea (Ver.), and develops an acute eczema over the whole body (Rhus). The bowels are moved as if by spasmodic jerks, "coming out like a shot" (Gamb.); as soon as patient eats, drinks, or even while eating; yellow watery stool. Constant urging to stool followed by sudden evacuation, which is shot out of the rectum (Gamb., Grat., Pod., Thuja). Swashing sensation in intestines, as from water, before stool (rumbling before stool, Aloe). Drawing pain through the chest from breast to scapula, of same side every time the child nurses; nipple very sore. Intense itching of skin, but so tender is unable to scratch; > by gentle rubbing; eczema over whole body. Intense itching of genitals of both sexes (Rhus); vesicular eruption on male; so sensitive and sore is unable to scratch. Cough: as soon as the head touched the pillow a spasmodic paroxysm of cough set in; suffocated, must walk about the room or sleep in a chair.

Relations: - Compare: Kali br., Phos. in chronic infantile diarrhoea; Sil. pain from nipple through to back when nursing.

Aggravation. - Diarrhoea; every motion; after drinking; while eating or nursing (Arg. n., Ars.); during summer; from fruit and sweetmeats (Gamb.); the least food or drink.


Cuprum Metallicum.
Copper (CN)

Spasms and cramps: symptoms disposed to appear periodically and in groups. Mental and physical exhaustion from over-exertion of mind and loss of sleep (Coc., Nux); attacks of unconquerable anxiety. A strong, sweetish, metallic, copper taste in the mouth with flow of saliva (Rhus). Constant prostration and retraction of the tongue, like a snake (Lach.). When drinking, the fluid descends with a gurgling sound (Ars., Thuja). Cholera morbus or Asiatic cholera, with cramps in abdomen and calves of legs. Bad effects of re-percussed eruptions (of non-developed, Zinc.), resulting in brain affections, spasms, convulsions, vomiting; of suppressed foot-sweat (Sil., Zinc.). Convulsions, with blue face and clenched thumbs. Cramps in the extremeties; pains, soles, calves with great weariness of limbs. Clonic spasms, beginning in fingers and toes, and spreading over entire body; during pregnancy; puerperal convulsions; after fright or vexation; from metastasis from other organs to brain (Zinc.). Paralysis of tongue; imperfect stammering speech. Epilepsy: aura begins in knees and ascends; < at night during sleep (Bufo); about new moon, at regular intervals (menses); from a fall or blow upon the head; from getting wet. Cough has a gurgling sound, as if water was being poured from a bottle. Cough, > by drinking cold water (Caust. - < by drinking cold water, Spong.). Whooping cough: long-lasting, suffocating, spasmodic cough; unable to speak; breathless, blue face, rigid, stiff; three attacks successively (Stan.); vomiting of solid food after regaining consciousness (Can.); cataleptic spasm with each paroxysm. After pains; sever, distressing, in calves and soles.

Relations: - Complementary: Calcarea. Compare: Ars. and Ver. in cholera and cholera morbus; Ipecac, the vegetable analogue. Ver. follows well in whooping cough and cholera. Apis and Zinc. in convulsions from suppressed exanthems.

Aggravation. - Cold air; cold wind; at night; suppressed foot sweat or exanthema.

Amelioration. - Nausea, vomiting and cough, by a swallow of cold water.


Cyclamen Europaeum.
Sow Bread. (Primulaccae.)

Best suited for leuco-phlegmatic persons with anaemic or chlorotic conditions; easily fatigued, and in consequence not inclined to any kind of labor; feeble or suspended functions of organs or special senses. Pale, chlorotic; deranged menses (Fer., Puls.), accompanied by vertigo, headache, dim vision. Pains; pressive, drawing or tearing of parts where bone lie near the surface. Ailments: from suppressed grief and terrors of conscience; from duty not done or bad act committed. Great sadness and peevishness, irritable, morose, ill-humored; inclined to weep; desire for solitude; aversion to open air (rev. of Puls.). Headache in anaemic patients, with flickering before eyes or dim vision, on rising in morning. Flickering before eyes, fiery sparks, as of various colors, glittering needles, dim vision of fog or smoke. Satiety after a few mouthfuls (Lyc.), food then becomes repugnant, causes nausea in throat and palate. Saliva and all food has a salty taste; pork disagrees. Menses: too early, too profuse, black and clotted; membraneous (too late, pale, scanty, Puls.); better during the flow (worse, Act., Puls.). Burning sore pain in heels, when sitting, standing or walking in open air (Agar., Caust., Val., Phyt.).

Relations: - Compare: Puls., Cinch., Fer. in chlorosis, and anaemic affections; Croc., Thuja as if some thing alive in abdomen.

Aggravation. - Open air; cold water; cold bathing; menses < sitting and lying at night.

Amelioration. - In a warm room; in-doors; menses > waling (leucorrhoea, < sitting, > walking, Cac., Coc.).


Digitalis Purpurea.
Foxglove. (Scrophulariaceae)

Sudden flushes of heat, followed by great nervous weakness and irregular intermitting pulse, occurring at the climacteric; < by least motion. Weak heart without valvular complications. Sensation as if heart would stop beating if she moved (Cocaine - fears that unless constantly on the move, heart will cease beating, Gels.). Faintness or sinking at the stomach; exhaustion; extreme prostration; feels as if he were dying. Night emissions, with great weakness of genitals after coitus. Great weakness of chest, cannot bear to talk (Stan.). Stools: very light, ash-colored; delayed, chalky (Chel., Pod.); almost white (Cal., Cinch.); pipe-stem stool; involuntary. Pulse full, irregular, very slow and weak; intermitting every third, fifth or seventh beat. Face pale, deathlike appearance and bluish-red. Blueness of skin, eyelids; lips and tongue. Respiration irregular, difficult, deep sighing. The fingers "go to sleep" frequently and easily. Dropsy: post-scarlatinal; in Bright's disease; with suppression of urine; of internal and external parts; with fainting when there are organic affections of the heart (with soreness in uterine region, Conv.). Fatal syncope may occur when being raised to upright position.

Relations: - Cinchona antidotes the direct action of Digitalis and increases the anxiety.

Aggravation. - When sitting, especially when sitting erect; motion.


Homeopathic Antitoxin. (A Nosode.)

Especially adapted to the strumous diathesis; scrofulous, psoric or tuberculous persons, prone to catarrhal affections of throat and respiratory mucus membranes. Patients with weak or exhausted vitality hence are extremely susceptible to the diphtheritic virus; when the attack from the onset tends to malignancy (Lac. c., Mer. cy.). Painless diphtheria; symptoms almost or entirely objective; patient too weak, apathetic or too prostrated to complain; sopor or stupor, but easily aroused when spoken to (Bap., Sulph.). Dark red swelling of tonsils and palatine arches; parotid and cervical glands greatly swollen; breath and discharges from throat, nose and mouth very offensive; tongue swollen, very red, little coating. Diphtheritic membrane, thick, dark gray or brownish black; temperature low or subnormal, pulse weak and rapid; extremities cold and marked debility; patient lies in a semi-stupid condition; eyes dull, besotted (Apis, Bap.). Epistaxis or profound prostration from very onset of attack (Ali., Apis, Carb. ac.); collapse almost at very beginning (Crot., Mer. cy.); pulse weak, rapid and vital reaction very low. Swallows without pain, but fluids are vomited or returned by the nose; breath horribly offensive. Laryngeal diphtheria, after Chlor., Kali bi., or Lac c. fail; post diphtheritic paralysis, after Caust., Gels. fail. When the patient from the first seems doomed, and the most carefully selected remedies fail to relieve or permanently improve. The above are cured symptoms, verifications which the author has found guiding and reliable for twenty-five years. The remedy is prepared, like all nosodes and animal poisons, according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoea, and like all homeopathic remedies is entirely safe when given the sick. Like all the nosodes, it is practically worthless in potencies below the 30th; its curative value also increases with increase of potency from the 200th to the m. and c. m. It need not and should not be repeated too frequently. It will cure in every case that crude antitoxin will and is not only easy to administer, but safe and entirely free from dangerous sequellae. Besides, it is homeopathic. The author has used it for twenty-five years as a prophylactic and has never known a second case of diphtheria to occur in a family after it had been administered. The profession is asked to put it to the test and publish the failures to the world.

Back pain; Breast cancer; Breast lump; Calculus; Cancer; Candidiasis; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cholestrol HighDiarrhoea; Ear infection; Eczemz; Endometriosis; Eye Diseases; Female sexual dysfunction; Fibroid; FibromyalgiaHypertension; Impotence; indigestion; infertility; irritable bowel syndrome; insomnia; kidney stone; kidney failureSprains and strains; osteoporosis; otorrhoea; pancreatitis; prostate hypertrophy; parkison's disease; peptic ulcer; premenstrual syndromeTonsillitis; Trigeminal neuralgia; Ulcerative collitis; urinary incontinence; UTI; vitiligo; Warts; Whitlow
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